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Archive for May 21st, 2008

Indy Jones IV

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Sebastopol departure 6 PM

The premiere showing of the latest Indiana Jones movie, the first in nineteen years, inspired us to arrive at SFO the evening before our departure for Japan. In San Francisco we picked up Issey at his apartment, and crammed the three of us into the Dodge Dakota for the 45-minute drive to San Bruno. Dinner at Don Pico's was accompanied by a singer whose middle-of-the-road voice matched the unexceptional Mexican fare.

Issey and I searched for a liquor store, first by walking in the wrong direction—on a very cold, breezy night—before jumping into the Dodge and driving the opposite direction. The prompting for the search came from Issey's discovery that I had never brought a six-pack into a movie theater. The three of us shared a moment together in the motel room, with beer in hand, before driving to the movie theater for the 12:01 showing.

The show's early arrivals had formed a long line at the entrance, some of them dressing up in Indy Jones hats and outfits, a comical affair to Issey, but pretty much what I expected. In fact it added to the anticipation to see others who were jazzed about opening night. Unfortunately, the movie itself was a sleeper (not the “unexpected success” kind, but literally: neither Hiro nor I could stay awake). Still, Issey enjoyed the two remaining beers and somehow staved off sleep. And to my surprise, I discovered that it's entirely possible to be asleep with my eyes open.

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Dodge Dakota. 1.25 hours to Issey's apartment. 45 minutes to San Bruno Motel 8.
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